What to Expect in an Online Video Game Tournament

Gaming industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. The gaming industry has seen and faced evolution. From the dawn of arcades to the rise of consoles & pc’s, the gaming industry has increased its spectrum exponentially in the past few decades. Wherever there is gaming, there is competition and what more can we do experience competition than to organize and host a gaming tournament. It is a great way to help support a local business while simultaneously granting moneymaking opportunities to small time professional gamers.

But most importantly, it is the best thing you can do to support an e-sport you love. The more people you get playing, the bigger the sport grows, and people can only play when they have an outlet to do so.

But before jumping into organizing a gaming tournament, always keep these small tips in mind.

  • If a problem arises, do not panic. Just keep yourself calm and look for solutions either from a person who organized a gaming tournament before or online.
  • Always plan ahead in order to overcome any problems which may occur during the tournament.
  • Throw pride out the window. If you do not know what to do, ask for help.
  • Running a tournament involves doing a lot of work for a lot of people without a lot of direct reward. Humble yourself and you will have a better and easier time. This is also good advice for life in general.

After keeping all these tips in mind. The next order of business is to decide the game which is going to be anchor of the tournament. Even choosing a game requires a lot of forethought. Different games and different genres require vastly different amounts of time, equipment, and space. A small fighting game tournament can run off one TV set up on a folding table, but a small first-person shooter tournament requires multiple computers at multiple tables all connected to the internet. Consider the nature of the game you want to run a tournament for as well. Games with large online communities will probably be looking to have online tournaments, while arcade-style games will thrive better in meat space. The game you choose will also have an effect on how you advertise your tournament and what communities you reach out to. Even the mindset of your tournament participants will vary wildly from game to game.

The next order of business is to decide a venue. Many organizers have used gaming lounges as a venue for gaming tournaments. But the Covid-19 pandemic on its rise and its new mutated form has again taken the world under its crosshairs, so organizing and hosting a gaming tournament is out of the picture but gaming tournament can be hosted online.

The next thing to take care is to enlist and enforce basic rules and guidelines in order to environment of the tournament clean and fair. Some of the basic and general guidelines for a Call of duty tournament are:

  • All matches should use ‘default match’ set for creation.
  • Each team gets a map veto which applies to all rounds.
  • A ‘match’ will see company teams of 4 players (0r 5 vs 5 as agreed by team captains) playing against each other.
  • Each match will consist of a minimum of 2 rounds. Round 1 is Search and Destroy, round 2 is Team Deathmatch and a deciding third round of Hardpoint should it be required. The rounds will be played in a custom playlist with the maps chosen by each team alternately i.e., Team A chooses the map for the first Round and Team B chooses the map for the second Round. Each team will get a map veto that will apply to both rounds.
  • There is 3 ‘Rounds’ per ‘match’.
  • Round 1 is Search and Destroy with the map chosen by the ‘Home’ team.
  • Round 2 is a Team Deathmatch with the map chosen by the ‘Away’ team.
  • Round 3 (if required) is Hardpoint with the map chosen by the ‘Home’ team. The third-round map must not have been used before.
  • 3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw and match scores will be reported after the final round in the match. A draw only occurs if players draw round 3.
  • When the score line is 2-0 the decision to play the third map will affect your score and will be used to separate teams in the event of teams finishing level on points. Games will therefore finish up 2-0, 2-1, or 3-0 or in the scenario of a draw in the third game a draw will be awarded.
  • When the connection is lost, the round will be resumed at the remaining time and the current score. Should a team refuse to complete the fixture then a victory will be awarded to the opposition team i.e., if one team disconnects and refuses to complete the match then a 2-0 victory will be awarded.
  • Should an individual or team disconnect on purpose mid-game on more than one occasion he or she may be disqualified from future fixtures.
  • Should a match in a knockout round end in a draw after the third round there will be a further team round between equal teams to determine the winner.
  • It is allowed to change your team i.e., make substitutions during the tournament but not during matches
  • If a round in a match is unfulfilled the score of the rounds that have been played will decide the match score if the round cannot be rescheduled.
  • If one or more players does not show up for his or her match, teams may play 3 v 4 but the match will be forfeited if 2 or more players do not show up.
  • Team size required will be 4 vs 4 players. Teams must have a minimum of 3 players to avoid forfeit. 3 vs 4 is allowed if you choose to play.

The above are general guidelines for a call of duty tournament. These are the things which a host should keep in mind while organizing and hosting a Call of duty gaming tournament.

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