What Does it Take to Run the Top Call of Duty Tournaments

Three things that can elevate a Call of Duty tournament to the next level

With the increase in popularity of eSports and the gaming competitive scene, professional and amateur tournaments have become increasingly popular. Whether it’s a small tournament consisting of a few friends, or a large championship boasting top players from around the world, these fun and exciting events can attract an audience and create an energized atmosphere.


So what does it take to run a successful Call of Duty tournament? After analyzing several very successful competitions, these are the top 3 things that all of them had in common.

Stream The Content

Even if this is a small event and your Twitch or YouTube channel has little to no followers, streaming the event can contribute greatly to the success of the tournament. Broadcasting an event can add to the competitive atmosphere as the players know they are being watched and recorded. If your tournament has multiple stages and teams, broadcasting can be a great time for teams to do a little research on their opponent or watch their previous matches again.


There is something about streaming content that adds an air of legitimacy and professionalism to an event, so if you plan on organizing a competition then try to build streaming into it. Finding a caster that can moderate the event can take it to another level, and you might be surprised how many people are willing to cast and moderate an event for the experience.

Utilize a Professional Tournament Service

Using a service like battlefy.com or other tournament websites can keep your event organized and professional. A good tournament service will provide a way to sign up and advertise your event, show and maintain a bracket of the current standings, and even collect entry fees if that is required for participation.


Additionally it will help save on management time as you won’t have to maintain a spreadsheet or other archaic means of keeping track of everyone in your Call of Duty tournament. This will give you more time to interact with the players as well as work on other aspects of the event.


Provide an Incentive to Participants

If you really want to attract people to your tournament then you will need to provide some kind of reward or incentive to participate. Oftentimes a small cash prize for the winner is enough, but if you really want to differentiate yourself from other tournaments then try to engage gaming brands. A number of different companies such as Razer have been known to sponsor events and even provide free products for the prize pool.


It’s important that you reach out to potential sponsors early on so that they have time to consider your proposal and organize things on their side. Having a brand sponsor can add an immense amount of credibility to your event, so reach out early and be sure to have an organized plan to provide them.


While following these tips can help take your event to the next level, it’s extremely important to make sure that the basics are covered as well. That means providing an organized and transparent event for your participants and always conducting an air of professionalism. Do not play favorites and try to remain impartial at all times. This will help develop a reputation for any future events you might want to plan, and will cement you as a fair and unbiased organizer in the community.


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