Gaming chairs are essential to any core gamer’s wishlist. As the pandemic has shown, the need for premium gamer cave posterior holders is more important than ever. As a result, it is our sworn duty to provide you the top of the line selections for any gamer cave. 


WARNING. This list is not for the penny pinching gamer living in their parents home. This is strictly for the elite of the elite!


IWJ20 Imperator Works Gaming Chair

Trying to mount or place 3 glorious gaming monitors on a desk can be a chore. With all of the wires needed to hook them up and power them, the look of it on a desk can be a bit cluttered. Thankfully, Imperator Works has a solution with their IWJ20 Gaming/Work station chair. With all of the necessary hookups, led light, RGB mood lights (just to proclaim what kind of mood you are in at any given moment), and a glorious reclined leather seat, the IWJ20 gaming chair is a perfect selection for any sizable gamer cave. You must only part wit $3999 to fulfill your gaming posterior needs.


For a measly $1500 more, tack on a few gatling guns to the arm rests to scare off any invading onlookers with the IW-J20 PRO model of the same chair!


Bauhutte Gaming Bed

Seriously? This module of gaming decadence is the stuff of college student dreams! Think of all of the intense studying and report writing that could be done if every student had this. Of course, while this probably isn’t the best setup for a gamer ‘cave’, this could be a good setup for those moments when your wife tells you to go ‘sleep on the couch’. In steps the Bauhutte Gaming bed with a number of rolling shelves and desk units to allow you to sufficiently think of what you did wrong all night long. Who knows how much this all costs though.


Cluvens Scorpion Computer Cockpit

Obviously someone with a scorpion fetish has decided that the Cluvens Scorpion Computer Cockpit is something gamers want. With a ‘tail’ that holds the various computer monitors and multiple poses to allow the gamer to recline multiple ways, this Cluvens workstation is impressive. With leather seating, a carbon steel frame, and over 200 pounds of comfort, this gaming chair has plenty of style to go with its provided comfort. Creepy insect legs aside, one definitely doesn’t want to be hanging around this thing when it starts movin’!


Razer Project Brooklyn Concept Gaming Chair

Razer thankfully is thinking true ‘next gen’ with their concept gaming chair that has yet to be named officially. Pushing for a minimalist style without skimping on the ‘extreme’, Razer looks to have a comfortable gaming chair with a transforming 60” rollout OLED display attached to it. Since streamers and gamers all over will have small spaces dedicated to their gaming thrones, this new concept seems to be more approachable than a scorpion does. What will be interesting is how they will attempt to add sound to this setup without compromising the inviting space envelope that they’ve designed here. This space age design will be interesting to follow to release given Razer’s tendency to lean towards the expensive end of things. 


Sofa Sack Ultra Soft Chair

No gamer cave is complete without a butt kickin’ bean bag chair! Sofa Sack’s Ultrasoft Chair throws upright posture to the wind with a soft yet somehow firm-ish memory foam filling. The suede breathable cover adds to the comfort by making certain that long play sessions don’t instantly mean you are going to sweat to death. As a result, you lessen the chance that this bean bag is going to end up a villainous air stink-a-fier! Also at $79, this premium choice seating offering won’t break your gamer cave budget either!


Whatever position you choose or size that you are, each of these gaming seats offers something different. Gamer caves are going to look wild thanks to these gaming thrones!

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