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duplex wall platesduplex wall plates

duplex receptacle coverduplex receptacle cover

ENERLITES 8821M Duplex Outlet Wall Plate

Single Gang Receptacle Outlet Cover

The ENERLITES unbreakable outlet plug cover is made from high-quality Polycarbonate Thermoplastic (PCT) material to withstand bending, twisting, fading, heat, and heavy impacts. This mid-sized wall plate is incredibly quick and easy to install, and it will fit over any single-gang duplex receptacle. Complete with matching colored screws, this duplex cover plate instantly gives any room a sleek and modern appearance.


10 wall plates

Available colors: white, black, gray, light almond, and ivory

Matching color screws included

Dimensions: 4.88″ height x 3.11″ length

UL listed


polycarbonate thermoplastic wall plate

polycarbonate thermoplastic wall plate

duplex plug cover plate

duplex plug cover plate

electrical outlet cover

electrical outlet cover

midsize receptacle cover

midsize receptacle cover

Indestructible Material

Made from highly durable Polycarbonate Thermoplastic (PCT), this duplex outlet cover is built to last. PCT offers excellent resistance to heat and fading up to 140 degrees celsius. The material also has unrivaled levels of flexibility and resilience, allowing the wall plate to keep its shape even when tampered with.

Available Colors

This electrical outlet cover is available in white, gray, black, light almond, and ivory color options to better match the decorations in your home. No matter what color your outlet receptacles are, there is an ENERLITES receptacle cover to match. This socket cover plate is easy to install on any duplex receptacle.

Matching Screws

In addition to the wide variety of colors available, all of ENERLITES’ duplex wall plates come with a set of screws in matching colors. By matching the screws to the duplex cover plate, they are less noticeable and the result is a flush mounted look. The look of these wall plates is clean and modern.

Mid-Size Wall Plate

This duplex receptacle wall place is mid-size at 4.88” height x 3.11” length. You can replace standard-size or oversize wall plates with ENERLITES mid-size ones. This outlet cover easily fits onto any duplex receptacle and it covers slightly more wall area than standard size wall plates.

Made of Polycarbonate Thermoplastic (PCT) material to provide the durability, flexibility, and resilience needed to withstand hard impacts and heavy force
Heat & fade resistant to temperatures over 100 degrees which protects them against discoloration and fading over time; flammability UL94; V2 rating
Easy replacement of any duplex wall plate of the same configuration; dimensions: 4.88″ height x 3.11″ length each
White color; features a smooth finish without recessed lines; soft edges allows for easy cleaning
10-pack; includes matching colored screws; 1-year warranty; UL-listed

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