Switch lite folding Charging Stand

The folded charger is a product specially provided for the charging of Switch console. The type C charging terminal on the desktop charger can be folded and rotated. When in use, the type C terminal should be turned over for the placement of console with proper viewing angle;it will be more stable if it is being placed on horizontal desk. The original power adapter is provided to achieve rapid PD charging of Switch console. When not in use, the type C terminal should be rotated and folded to the bottom of the main body, which highlights the compact shape of the desktop charger and the convenience of carrying.

Product Specifications:
1.Power supply of the product: DC 15V/2.6A (Note: directly powered by the original power adapter).
2.Type C port output: 15V 2A
3.USB 2.0 port output: DC 5V 1A

Instruction of Product Use:
1.Firstly, the Switch console is plugged into the type C output terminal of the folded desktop charger, then the folded desktop charger is placed on the horizontal desk. Then, the terminal of output TYPE C line of the original Switch power adapter is plugged into the type C input port of the right side of the folded desktop charger, and the add-in digital products on the console and USB 2.0 port can be charged immediately after the power supply is connected.

2.In order to play game while charging, the wired controller supporting the Switch game can be plugged to any USB 2.0 interface.

3.In order to charge a digital product, it can be connected to the USB charging line with the other end of the line plugged to the USB 2.0 interface for charging.

4.While charging the Switch console, there will be a charging indication at the top right of the console screen; charging of digital products should be indicated by the indicator lamp or screen prompt of the digital product being charged.

Stable and Compact – Square base with wider contact surface at the bottom to ensure more stable placement. It can be folded so it is very convenient to carry with you when you travel.
Fast Charging Speed – About 2-2.5 hours (Note: It is the time taken in charging the Switch console without game playing).
Hold the Switch Lite in a Comfortable Position for Gaming – The console is put on the bracket, and the angle of the console is proper; while charging, the light shall not be reflected on the screen being watched.
With HUB function -This product cannot only be used to charge and support the Switch console, but also be used as the USB HUB, by which the wired controller can be inserted into 3 USB 2.0 output interfaces on the desktop to play games to achieve game-play function while charging; 3USB 2.0 output interfaces can be used to charge other digital products.

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